Lash Extension After Care

Taking care of your investment is easy...

Welcome to the world of easy mornings, waking up looking fab 24/7 and hitting the water without fear of having mascara running down your cheeks! Lash extensions are so low're gong to be more excited than you ever thought you would be!

Lets start with a little background of your natural lash hair. These hairs needs to be cleaned properly and regularly just like the hairs on your head. Imagine never washing your hair??? No, none of us can! You may also be shocked to know that your lash hairs have a cycle just like that of the hair on your head. We generally all loose between 3-5 natural lashes per eye per day. This is why coming in for regular fills is imperative to keeping your lashes as full as you like them. So lets get to the daily maintenance.


  • Wash your lashes daily with an extension approved cleanser and a small makeup brush. Put some cleanser on your lashes (eye closed of course) and use the  brush to get right into the lash line where your extensions are bonded to your natural lash hairs. (yes we gave this to you the day we met)
  • Brush your lashes twice a day. This is more for brushing out particles that we may not be able to see than it is for the beauty of the lashes. With your eyes close brush from the lid/lash line in a soft spinning motion.
  • Wait for your lashes to dry! Brushing wet lashes can cause pulling the same way it does to your head hair. If you notice when your lashes are wet they clump together. Once they're dry and brushed they will fluff right back up.
  • Enjoy yourself! Lash extensions can be worn in the pool or ocean without concern!


  • Oils, as they cause premature shedding by loosening the bond between the natural lash hair and the extension. Avoid oils on your face and in your hair...yes even in your hair because having excess oil in your hair will end up on your pillow case and in turn on your lashes. Make sure to double check your favorite facial cleansers and lotions.
  • Petting lashes, as this transfers oils from your fingers to your lash hairs causing loss. Also DO NOT rub, cut or pull at your extensions, this will result in natural lash damage that can be irreparable.
  • Sleeping on your face. Sounds prey easy but this is one of the main reasons people have poor retention. The friction cause between your face and whatever it lands to sleep on will cause loss. Back sleeping is best to maintain the health of your natural lashes and the longevity of your extensions. This includes drunken sleeping!!! Which seems to be the biggest offender!
  • Excessive Heat can cause the extensions fibers to scorch or loosen the curl. They will not only look funny but they will also not last long after they've been burnt. The best advice is to avoid steamers too close to the face, open flames, grilling and the hot burst that comes out of the oven when you're baking. Simple solutions... Quit smoking (lol...if you can't just make sure your not in a windy area or looking down at the flame when you're sparking it up. If you're baking, sautéing or grilling be sure to not keep your face hovering over the excessive heat and lean back when opening the over/grill to let that first burst of heat escape. If you're getting facials just let your esthetician know you have extensions and that you do not want the steamer too close.
  • Mascara is a no no on extensions. If you're wearing volume the fans will be glued shut and likely never bounce back to that amazing fluff we all love! If you're wearing classic extensions you may use a touch of non water-proof/long-wear only when needed (do not get it on the bases of your lashes it will effect your retention.

You may find when you first get lash extensions there is an adjustment period. The first time you go to rub your eye freely and realize you may have just tortured them. You may fear washing them...dont! They must be clean so that your hair follicles can flourish and your eyes can stay healthy. Design Her Eyes knows about this learning curve! We want you to know that during your first week with extensions (applied here only) you can come in for a quick touch up if you should happen to get a small gap or run into any user errors. After all none's perfect but we want your lash experience to be as close to that as humanly possible.