Lash Lift After Care

Your First 24-48 Hours

Avoid getting lashes wet either by direct splashing of water of via steam. Also no heavy eye moisturizers, oils or mascara. Try your hardest to sleep on your back or just avoid your lashes being crushed for the first two nights as the curl can be altered. Following these steps is imperative to the longevity of the curl and your natural lash health.

What next?

After the first day or so you can go back to your regular routine. Washing lashes like you would have prior to having a lift treatment and going back to your favorite moisturizers and makeup.

Enjoy your Enhanced Natural Lashes

The curl in your lashes should last anywhere between 6-12 weeks depending on your own hair cycle. Avoid sleeping on your face to ensure the health of your lashes and the structure of the curl. You can either go all natural with an amazing open eye or throw on your favorite mascara to really enhance the treatment.